About us

Hi! We are Alicia and Paula, two passionate sisters about travel, handwork, fashion, and decoration. Today we embark together on O’unaa’s adventure. We are Colombians and come from a large family, mostly made up from entrepreneurs with a wide experience in the textiles and clothing industry. 

Creativity and taste for design are written in our DNA. Hence, we want to promote the diversity of talent of Colombian artisans.

Our purpose 

At O’unaa, we would like you to discover Colombia out of one of the oldest industries and a key factor of our cultural identity: handicrafts. They are the result of a crossing between the manual skills of the ancestral communities of our territory and the techniques imported from Europe during colonial times.

Artisan work is carried out mainly by members of indigenous and rural communities. Thanks to their inspiration and designs, the artisans materialize their cosmogony and their way of thinking.

All our products are beautifully crafted and represent the richness of our ethnic heritage!

Our values

We stand by the continuity of the ancestral know-how, the manufacture of naturally-sourced objects made of sustainable materials, and production that respects people and the environment. These times, when there is a growing concern about the harmful effects of consumerism and low-cost manufacturing methods, our goal is to recognize and honor artisans’ work by offering products that combine traditional techniques and modern functions and trends.

O’unaa cares about knowing the story of each piece, the source of materials used for their manufacture, along with the artisan’s background. We consider them as crucial aspects just as the aesthetics themselves.

Bringing you closer to those who make our products is the source of all our inspiration!

We believe in authenticity, commitment, and quality. Thus, our products are unique! They pay tribute to the craftsmanship, generating a positive impact on their environment and preserving the knowledge of the past from generation to generation.

O’unaa is where the journey begins

For the Wayúu, an indigenous community located on the Colombian Caribbean coast, O’unaa means “journey”. We invite you to discover magical places and live awesome experiences through our beautiful products and their creators.

Owning one of our pieces stands to leave the routine behind. It is to enhance your daily life with shapes and colors from unexpected places that are now part of you.

Welcome aboard!