Privacy Policy

In order to offer for sale, sell and deliver its products, O’unaa collects personal data from users of its website. 

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform users of the means used to collect, access, process, and store users’ personal data.

O’unaa, as control­ler, under­takes to comply with the provi­sions of Regu­la­tion (EU) No 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protec­tion of personal data.

The customer is informed that certain data must be collec­ted by O’unaa in order to perform its services. If the customer does not wish to disclose this data, O’unaa will not be able to perform its services.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) may be modi­fied at any time by O’unaa, in partic­u­lar in order to comply with any regu­lat­ory, juris­pru­den­tial, edit­or­ial or tech­nical changes. The user must refer to the latest version of the Policy before brows­ing.

1. Control­ler

The control­ler, who collects the personal data and imple­ments the data processing oper­a­tions, is:

O’unaa, a Limited Liability Company (Société à Responsabilité Limitée), registered with the Nantes Trade and Compan­ies Register under number 899 411 953, having its office at 95 Rue Branly (44000 – Nantes), France.

2. Collec­tion of personal data

O’unaa collects users’ personal data on the website 

The personal data that may be collec­ted are as follows :

  – user account data: the data provided by the User when creat­ing an account by filling in the regis­tra­tion form (name, surname, billing and deliv­ery postal addresses, email address, mobile phone number, pass­word for connect­ing to the customer account);

  – personal data of the user when he/she enters it in his/her customer account: date of birth;

– trans­ac­tion data: means the data that the user provides when making purchases, inform­a­tion relat­ing to orders placed and returned items such as tele­phone number, address, e-mail address, and inform­a­tion relat­ing to payment method;

  – exchanges with customer service;

  – brows­ing data: refers to the data collec­ted by the Publisher while the User is brows­ing the Website, such as the date, time of connec­tion and/or brows­ing, browser type, browser language, IP address, loca­tion data, and geoloca­tion.

The data relat­ing to the payment method (credit card number, expiry date, author­iz­a­tion number, secur­ity code) are collec­ted directly by our service providers Monetico Paiement and Paypal.

Third-party providers of applic­a­tions, tools, gadgets, and plug-ins on our website, as well as the networks on which we publish edit­or­ial and promo­tional content (such as Instagram), may also use auto­mated, context-based and interest related means to collect user data (inter­ac­tions with func­tions and profil­ing of the online activ­ity). This data is collec­ted directly by such providers and/or third parties and is subject to their policies. To the extent permit­ted by applic­able law, O’unaa is not respons­ible for the prac­tices of such service providers and third parties.

Some of the services may be altered or inac­cess­ible if consent to the collec­tion of the data mentioned in this Privacy Policy is not gran­ted.

3. Purposes of the collec­tion of personal data

Data collec­ted in connec­tion with the use of the website is processed for the purposes described in the table below.

The regu­la­tions in force protect the privacy of users and require any control­ler to be able to provide legit­im­ate grounds for such processing. The regu­la­tions thus provide, among the legal bases for treat­ment, the follow­ing:

  – perform­ance of an agree­ment to which the relev­ant person is a party, such as a sales contract. For example, certain personal data of the customer is neces­sary to deliver the item, manage the custom­er’s account and process any returned items;

  – compli­ance with a legal oblig­a­tion, in partic­u­lar an account­ing oblig­a­tion by retain­ing invoices;

  – prior consent of the relev­ant person;

  – legit­im­ate interest of the control­ler, while comply­ing with users’ rights and freedoms. For example, improv­ing the customer exper­i­ence or prevent­ing fraud may justify data collec­tion.

Purposes of the processing Use of data Legal bases for treat­ment
Manage­ment of orders and sales of products and provi­sion of services; manage­ment of customer complaints, with­draw­als, and product returns Use of data to provide products and services (from shop­ping cart and orders; sale, return and refund of purchased products) Fulfil­ment of the agree­ment by and between the client and the seller
Carry­ing out trans­ac­tions, in partic­u­lar payment trans­ac­tions Our payment providers (Monetico Paiement and Paypal) use the inform­a­tion relat­ing to the payment meth­ods when perform­ing the payment for each order. This data can also be used for the preven­tion of fraud upon payment of the order and/or manage­ment of any unpaid amounts after the order has been placed. Fulfil­ment of the agree­ment by and between the client and the seller
Customer account creation and manage­ment The personal data of a customer registered on the website is used (e-mail address, pass­word) – Fulfil­ment of the agree­ment by and between the client and the seller

– Compli­ance to legal oblig­a­tions


Deliv­ery of ordered products Personal data (contact details, email address) is used to ensure deliv­er­ies. Fulfil­ment of the agree­ment by and between the client and the seller
Oper­at­ing the website and fight­ing against fraud Personal data (cook­ies) is used to update, enhance our Website and fight against Inter­net fraud – Fulfil­ment of the agree­ment by and between the client and the seller

– Compli­ance to legal oblig­a­tions

After-sales support: exchanges with customer service Personal data is used to inter­act with custom­ers. As such, the exchanges between customer service and the customer carried out by tele­phone or chat can be recor­ded in order to improve the qual­ity of service. Customers may refuse this at any time Fulfil­ment of the agree­ment by and between the client and the seller
Taking part in special events (such as contests, games, random draws, offers) and parti­cip­at­ing in the loyalty scheme, with the excep­tion of online gambling that is subject to approval by the French Online Gaming Control Author­ity Personal data, includ­ing purchas­ing inform­a­tion, is used to manage parti­cip­a­tion in vari­ous special events. – Fulfil­ment of the agree­ment by and between the client and the seller

– Legit­im­ate interest of the control­ler in order to propose products and services adap­ted to the needs of clients

Oper­at­ing, assess­ing and improv­ing products and services as well as user exper­i­ence (includ­ing devel­op­ing new products and services, analyz­ing the customer base; perform­ing data analysis, account­ing and audit­ing), profil­ing. Personal data is used to assess and improve products and services, and to improve customer exper­i­ence, the products and services offered by O’unaa, through stat­ist­ical oper­a­tions and analysis of anonym­ous customer beha­vior, and the meas­ure­ment of website and mobile applic­a­tion traffic Legit­im­ate interest of the control­ler in order to propose products and services adap­ted to the needs of clients
Send­ing news­let­ters and special offers subject to the user check­ing the relev­ant box indic­at­ing his/her accept­ance, when regis­ter­ing for the Services Personal data is used to inform custom­ers about our products and services and to custom­ize the products offered on social networks. Legit­im­ate interest of the control­ler in order to propose products and services adap­ted to the needs of clients and consent (opt-in)
Analyz­ing website traffic and frequency, audi­ence metrics, research, stat­ist­ics, surveys (cook­ies) Personal data, includ­ing cook­ies, is collec­ted to under­stand how the Website is used. Legit­im­ate interest of the control­ler in order to propose products and services adap­ted to the needs of clients and consent (opt-in)

O’unaa does not share any personal data for commer­cial purposes with third parties.

Users may edit their personal data and with­draw their consent at any time by connect­ing to their customer account.

4. Contract­ors that have access to user’s personal data

The personal data collec­ted is trans­mit­ted to O’unaa’s service providers, who may process it on behalf of O’unaa (processors) and/or on their own behalf (recip­i­ents of the data).

The recip­i­ents of the data are :

   – Monetico Paiement and Paypal, payment providers

   – any police or admin­is­trat­ive author­ity in connec­tion with judi­cial requis­i­tions concern­ing the fight against fraud

   – customs author­it­ies and service providers in the event of deliv­ery abroad.

O’unaa’s processors may have access to data collec­ted for the purpose of:

   – prepar­ing, ship­ping orders and return­ing products

   – improv­ing the content of websites 

– tech­nical main­ten­ance and devel­op­ment of O’unaa’s website, and internal applic­a­tions, includ­ing entit­ies that perform orders and provide web host­ing, inform­a­tion stor­age, email service providers, as well as analysis services, and tag manage­ment, such as Google Analyt­ics. For further details on these analysis services and the oppos­i­tion proced­ures, we invite you to refer to the follow­ing sites:


– Google Analyt­ics:­ics/answer/6004245?hl=fr

5. Users’ rights over their personal data

In accord­ance with Articles 14 to 22 of Regu­la­tion 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, any natural person using the O’unaa website has the right to exer­cise the follow­ing rights:

   – a right of access, recti­fic­a­tion and eras­ure of the data collec­ted,

   – a right to object to the processing of their data

   – a right to the restric­tion of the processing,

   – a right to the port­ab­il­ity of the data collec­tedthe option to formu­late instruc­tions relat­ing to the reten­tion, eras­ure and trans­mis­sion of his/her personal data after his/her death in accord­ance with Article 40–1 of Law 78–17 of Janu­ary 6, 1978

Lastly, if O’unaa detects a viol­a­tion of personal data likely to create a signi­fic­ant risk to the rights and freedoms of its users, it under­takes to inform the relev­ant users in the shortest possible time.

Users may exer­cise all these rights by connect­ing to their customer account, by contact­ing customer service at or by ordin­ary mail to O’unaa – Service Client 95 Rue Branly (44000 – Nantes), France.

Users must enclose proof of iden­tity with their applic­a­tion.

In case of non-response or unsat­is­fact­ory response, users may contact the super­vis­ory author­ity of their coun­try of resid­ence, for France, the CNIL:

6. Data reten­tion period

User data will not be retained beyond the period strictly neces­sary for the purposes set out herein and in accord­ance with applic­able regu­la­tions and laws. In this respect, the data used for canvassing purposes may be retained for a maximum period of 3 years from the termin­a­tion of the user’s account or the last contact with the relev­ant prospect. User data is deleted upon expiry of stor­age peri­ods. Never­the­less, the data may be archived beyond the specified peri­ods for the purposes of invest­ig­at­ing, estab­lish­ing and prosec­ut­ing crim­inal offenses for the sole purpose of making the data avail­able to the judi­cial author­ity, where neces­sary.

Archiv­ing implies that this data will be anonym­ized and will no longer be avail­able online but will be extrac­ted and stored on an autonom­ous and secure medium.

7. Secur­ity meas­ures for the personal data collec­ted

In its capa­city as data control­ler, O’unaa under­takes to take all neces­sary meas­ures to preserve the secur­ity and confid­en­ti­al­ity of the data and, in partic­u­lar, to prevent it from being altered, distor­ted or accessed by unau­thor­ised third parties.

O’unaa has entered into service agree­ments with busi­ness part­ners who have extens­ive expert­ise in the field of data protec­tion.

All data is hosted in France or in the European Union.

Payment service providers

The payment of the purchases on the website and on the mobile applic­a­tion is carried out either via Paypal or via the secure plat­form of our payment provider Monetico Paiement (Euro Information).

Paypal (Europe) S.à.r.l. et Cie is a Luxem­bourg limited part­ner­ship with shares, registered in the Luxem­bourg Register of Compan­ies under number B118349, having its registered office at 22–24, Boulevard Royal – L-2449 Luxem­bourg. For further inform­a­tion, Customers may refer to the follow­ing website:

Euro Information Services SAS  is a simplified joint-stock company registered in the Strasbourg Register of Compan­ies under number  312730674, with a registered office at 4 rue Frédéric-Guillaume Raiffeisen (67000 – Strasbourg), France. For further inform­a­tion, Customers may refer to the follow­ing website: 

O’unaa does not have access to customer payment data.

However, users may opt to save their payment card data in their customer account. This data is not stored with O’unaa, but with Monetico Paiement and/or Paypal. Users may edit or delete these bank details at any time by connect­ing to their customer account.

8. Cook­ies, TAGS and track­ers

When brows­ing our website, inform­a­tion relat­ing to the navig­a­tion of the user’s terminal (computer, tablet, smart­phone, etc.) may be saved through files referred to as “Cook­ies”.

A cookie allows track­ing the brows­ing or analyz­ing user beha­vior, includ­ing:

   – meas­ur­ing the number of visit­ors to our website and applic­a­tion, as well as their content;

   – saving customer account inform­a­tion when the user is logged in;

   – saving the shop­ping cart for 30 minutes;custom­iz­ing the display of content access­ible to the user.

9. Social Networks

O’unaa’s offi­cial Instagram account can allow users to post their content. Users are informed that the content published on these social networks may be viewed by any third party and that greater vigil­ance is required from users when they provide certain personal data on these sites or applic­a­tions such as finan­cial data, addresses or any sens­it­ive data. O’unaa is in no case liable for any damage caused by third parties as a result of or result­ing from the public­a­tion of their personal data by users.

10. Links to third-party sites

The website may provide links to websites, applic­a­tions, and services other than those of O’unaa, which may be oper­ated by third parties.

O’unaa is not respons­ible for the processing of personal data by these third-party websites. Users should consult the relev­ant personal data protec­tion policies.

11. Data protec­tion officer or personal data manager

O’unaa’s data protec­tion officer or personal data manager ensures compli­ance with the regu­la­tions and rules in force, and must in partic­u­lar estab­lish records of processing activ­it­ies involving personal data.

Users may contact O’unaa’s data protec­tion officer or personal data manager at